Home Activities

We offer musical entertainment: from piano to accordion to guitar and banjo. We have local artists here each Thursday. Music is an important aspect of each person’s life. We also have days where residents can join us in the living room to choose from a selection of CD’s to enjoy.

We offer exercise as well. When the weather is good, you will see the staff accompanying residents along the street for daily walks. We do Sit–N–Fit type exercise three times weekly because strength and flexibility are great ways to maintain stability.

Reading is a lifelong enjoyment for many. We have the local library come to us twice monthly. Your loved one can check out books, tapes, and videos. The staff at Living Springs also has scheduled reading times. This varies from current events, daily history segments, and trivia.

Each year we also grow a vegetable garden that residents enjoying helping with in all aspects from planting, weeding, watering and harvesting. When a crop is ready, the residents get to enjoy it in one of their meals that week.