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My mother, who is 90, has her full mental faculties but just needs some physical help. After just a year at Living Springs, she has grown very attached to many of the members of the staff and looks forward to seeing them.

The staff are very attentive to my mom's needs and keep me posted on a regular basis with any issues that arise or needs that she has. They make me feel like my mom is the only resident there with the attention they give.

An added benefit is that my mom is always talking about how great the food is. When they serve something she doesn't like, she lets them know and they give her something she is more interested in.

I couldn't be more satisfied with Living Springs Assisted Living.

Jena Lassiter


Caregivers to Living Springs


Let us introduce you to our Staff. It’s important to us to have continuity of care, so we work hard to choose the right caregivers and then to keep them. They develop relationships with the residents and make it feel more like home.




Janae joined our family at Living Springs July 2004. A CNA for the past 13 years, she has been one of the main cooks, which she loves and excels at.  She is also a quality Caregiver. However, due to her organizational, communicative, leadership skills and mental aptitude for tackling problems, dealing with staff and families she has been promoted to House Manager.  You will love working with her.
Janae has been in the caregiving field most of her life, growing up in a home that cared for disabled and elderly.  She is multi-talented so if you need it taken care of, whatever it may be, she’ll do it! She loves to cook, and the one thing she tells people when they want one of her recipes she just cooked is that she usually doesn’t use the one printed….
Janae also manages the selection and printing of the menus from our Licensed Dietician at Grove Menus.  She does the grocery shopping one day per week.  And, if you see her while she’s on this mission, please stay out of her path ~ she moves like lightning and you don’t want get hurt!!

Janae has two children and lots of “adopted” ones! She enjoys kids. And has one, very smart, good looking, well-behaved grandson, Tian. She has many “adopted” children, friends and family as well.  They are crazy, wild and wonderful.

Tricia, our LPN, joined our family in March 2018. Tricia was a caregiver/house manager for a facility in Post Falls that cared for people with physical and mental disabilities for 8 years prior to going to College at NIC to obtain her LPN certificate. She obtained her LPN certificate in 2014. Her first LPN position was at a pediatric facility in CDA.

Tricia is a mother of 5 children. She has 2 dogs and 3 cats. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, camping, hiking, and traveling. She feels blessed to be a part of the team at Living Springs and always strives to do her best to care for all residents' needs.


Ann joined our family in August 2007. Ann is Nellie’s daughter and Miranda’s mother so she fits well within the Family! She works the night shift as a caregiver and has years of experience in working in Assisted Living Homes in the Post Falls / Coeur d’Alene area. She has a good understanding of the assisted living industry and brings all of knowledge with her.

Ann has an amazing Spiritual quality that assists her in visiting with her Residents at night when they
have a burden or just want to visit. She is comforting and a wonderful listener as well as an exceptional Caregiver.
She spends her spare time with family and attending the many functions that involve her family as well as the children, grandchildren, siblings, nieces and nephews.


Nellie – Also known as “Mom.”She is actually Ann’s Mother and Miranda’s Grandmother! She has been with the Living Springs Family prior to its purchase in October 2003. She is a mother of twelve, the Grandma of 36 and Great Grandma of eleven!

Nellie does our afternoon housekeeping/caregiving. She is meticulous about her job and makes the whole place shine! She is a Child of God and easily creates a special bond with each of the residents, making them feel special, loved and cared for. We all feel honored that she works with us! She has instilled in her children what a true family is, the love, commitment and bond they all share is carried over to her Living Springs Family.


Miranda has been a part of Living Springs since 2003. She has worked as a Caregiver and housekeeper.
But, now she is one (of two) of our Cooks!!! Miranda takes pleasure in expanding her cooking skills, learning new recipes and adding special touches to the food she cooks and serves. Delicious! She’s a keeper!!

She brings to our Family a warm, caring, insightful dimension that is unique, spiritual and comforting. During her busy day of meal prep, serving, cleaning up and passing meds you can catch her quietly comforting and dispensing hugs to everyone around her.


Carley is our Cook (the other of two!)  She started working with us in July of 2018 and we couldn’t be
happier to have her here!!  She loves to bake and is good at it too.  We are always praying for the bananas to be getting old when she comes to work so she’ll whip up a batch of delicious banana bread! 

Carley balances family, pets and her job with a calm, comforting demeanor.  She’s a real asset to our Family and we love having her here.


Jessica joined our Family in the Spring of 2018 as a Caregiver for the night shift. She brings to our Family loving care of our Residents, reliability and a good work ethic.

On her time off work Jessica loves to hike, camp, kayak, go four wheeling and pretty engaging in pretty much all Idaho has to offer!!


Jonnie is our weekend day Caregiver.  He joined our Living Springs family in the spring of 2018 and is a
great addition to our home. Jonnie brings with him a respectful, quiet, strong presence that is appreciated by staff and residents alike. 

Jonnie and Carley are a couple and get to work together every Saturday which they enjoy.
Jonnie has aquariums, seven to be exact.  He excels in raising difficult to maintain Discus, a species of freshwater, aquarium fish, and plans on breeding them.  Carley has a difficult time keeping his passion of purchasing and setting up new waterscapes under control!


I hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little about us at LIVING SPRINGS. Stop by for a visit, and you will know the welcome feeling of a family like ours!!