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My mother who is 90, has her full mental faculties but just needs some physical help. After just a year at Living Springs, she has grown very attached to many of the members of the staff and looks forward to seeing them.

The owner and nurse, Alice, is very attentive to my mom's needs and keeps me posted on a regular basis with any issues that arise or needs that my mom has. Alice makes me feel like my mom is the only resident there.

Having such an attentive nurse and the obvious outpouring of affection from the staff gives me such a sense of comfort. I don't feel like I have to work so hard at being the advocate (as I have done in larger institutions) since so many of the people who work there are working in my mom's best interests.

An added benefit is that my mom is always talking about how great the food is. When they serve something she doesn't like, she lets them know and they give her something she is more interested in.

I couldn't be more satisfied with Living Springs Assisted Living.

Jena Pittmon


Caregivers to Living Springs


Let us introduce you to our Staff. It’s important to us to have continuity of care, so we work hard to choose the right caregivers and then to keep them. They develop relationships with the residents and make it feel more like home.

Janae   Janae joined our family at LIVING SPRINGS July 2004. A CNA, she is one of the main cooks / caregivers. Janae has been in the caregiving field most of her life, growing up in a home that cared for disabled and elderly.
Janae has always been the “go to gal” …you need it taken care of, she’ll do it! She loves to cook, and the one thing she tells people when they want one of the recipes she just cooked is that she usually doesn’t use the one printed….
She also performs as my Administrative Assistant, watching over everything when I am gone and manages the selection and printing of the menus from our Licensed Dietician @ Grove Menus. Janae has two children and lots of “adopted” ones! She enjoys kids. Actually, they enjoy her! So, her spare time is spent with family and friends.
Liz   Liz joined LIVING SPRINGS November 2003 when the home was purchased. Actually, she was one of the cooks / caregivers when I joined on prior to the purchase. Liz has over ten years of experience in the caregiving field. Everybody loves Liz…I call her “The Queen.” She is a jewel! Liz has eleven siblings and speaks very highly of each of them; it says a lot about her. Her greatest joys are obviously her two children who are part of our family, too! It is always a privilege when her kids drop by and visit. It is amazing to see the resident’s eyes light up when they sit down to chat with them. Visitors of any age are a highlight for all of us! Liz spends her spare time with her family; and that involves a lot of time attending sports functions, cheering on her children as well as her many nieces and nephews.
Erin   Erin joined LIVING SPRINGS September 2006 as a caregiver / CNA. Erin came to us with over six years of experience, including work in a Dementia Unit in Oregon. Erin works two day shifts a week and one night shift as a primary caregiver. She is amazing! I love the way she interacts with each of the residents. Their laughter is great to hear! I enjoy how Erin likes to do extra cooking projects with Liz. They are always cooking up something fun! So if you walk in the front door, smelling something yummy and hearing tons of laughter coming from the kitchen…you are in for a treat!
Erin has a close family and enjoys her time spent with them. She is our “token Athiest.” She also loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking and snowboarding.
Ann   Ann works the night shift as a caregiver. She joined the family in August 2007. Ann has years of experience in working in Assisted Living Homes in the Post Falls/Coeur d’Alene area. She has a good understanding of the assisted living industry and brings every ounce of knowledge with her. It is easy to say that I never worry when she’s on…she can handle it! Being Liz’s older sister, it is great when they work together…as only siblings can! Coming from a large family, she has one of her own. And she’s a Grandma, too!!
She spends her spare time with family and attending the many functions that involve her family as well as the nieces and nephews.
Jessica   Jessica joined our family in June 2007. Jessica had no caregiving experience prior to joining us. Her heart was open to learning, and she has done so admirably under the guidance of all the other caregivers. She works the dayshift as one of the primary caregivers, three days a week. This is a young lady after God’s own heart!!! She has the most kind and gentle spirit- and the resident’s adore her. It’s like she “dances” in and out of the rooms, treating the residents with warmth and friendship. Jessica does a lot of photography and painting in her spare time. Maybe we can convince her to do a picture for us!
Nellie   Nellie – Also known as “Mom.” She is actually Liz and Ann’s Mother! She has been with the family prior to its purchase as well, November 2003. She is a mother of twelve, the Grandma of 36 and Great Grandma of eleven …need I say more? Nellie does our house keeping / caregiving. And boy is she good! She always creates a special bond with each of the residents. I am honored that she works with us! I guess you can imagine what she does in her spare time…with all those grandchildren! She has instilled in her children what a true family is, and they all spend a great amount of time together.
Wanda   Wanda is another “long timer.” She joined the family in November 2003 when it was purchased. In fact, I hired her prior to the purchase as well. I had worked with Wanda at another Assisted Living Home in the Coeur d’Alene area. It was great to offer her a place with us…and here she has stayed!!! Wanda works the nights shift as a care giver, and I have the utmost confidence in her. She came to LIVING SPRINGS with over ten years’ experience in the caregiving field. She is another of the residents’ favorites! (Don’t tell the other girls, but I think they are all favorites!) Wanda’s greatest joys are her children and grandchildren. She has two sons in the military…special thanks to them!

Bob B. is our maintenance and grounds keeper. He joined the family in 2008.
You need it done, and Bob is there! He is great with the residents, too. Sitting for a cup of coffee or just a chat! He is always willing to slow down and allow a resident to assist him if they want – a “one in a million.”

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little about myself and the staff at LIVING SPRINGS. Stop by for a visit, and you will know the welcome feeling of a family like ours!!